Established in May 1994, Cynnig is a Not for Profit organisation, providing support & activities for adults with complex needs.

Cynnig is made up of Volunteer Directors, a Manager, an Assistant Manager, an Activities Coordinator, a Payroll Administrator and over thirty support workers and drivers.


Cynnig has expanded steadily over the years, employing quality support staff to fulfil it's obligation to it's clients such as Denbighshire County Council, Conwy County Borough Council & private purchasers of support too.

Our purpose at Cynnig is to provide the highest quality support and training, which is both objective and developmental.

We aim to facilitate positive individualised progress by ensuring that those whom we support feel a sense of belonging, friendship, trust, happiness and security. With these basic needs in place the continual enhancement of an individual’s general well being, overall quality of life, strengthening of their personal resilience and development of their life skills can steadily move forward.